Gate Installation And Repair

Our team at Prime Garage Door Repair also offers services for another part of your home: your driveway gates. While not all homeowners have them, those who do understand how they can add an extra barrier of protection to your home in addition to a garage door. Like garage doors, driveway gates also require help to install and repair. However, no gate system is the same. Every gate is made of a different material and has its own means of operation, specifically sliding or swinging.


First, let’s take a look at just four of the many types of gates our technicians are equipped to install.

Wooden Gates 

If you like to consider yourself old-fashioned, you might be someone who has a wooden gate for your home. Wooden gates can be made of any kind of wood and aren’t just limited to a rustic aesthetic. Plenty of modern-style gates also utilize wood. While wood gate installation can be a DIY project, you’ll be more likely to get better results. As far as repairs are concerned, you’ll mainly need to ensure that the wood stays clean so it doesn’t rot or chip.

Metal Gates

Metal gates are just as stylistically versatile as wood gates, though they are admittedly more likely to be found in modern homes. Because of the heavy lifting involved with installing these gates, it’s best to leave the installation in the hands of one of our technicians. Gates that are made of metal materials like iron or steel are more likely to be subjected to rust. For that reason, it’s essential to keep these gates clean so they don’t rust and lose their usefulness or aesthetic appeal.

Electric Gates

Do you wish you could open and close your gates with the press of a single button? If so, then electric gates are what you need. You can take your gates from manual to automatic operation with electric gates. Plenty of brands sell electric gates, and we will be more than happy to help you bring them to your property for extra security.

Commercial Gates

Do you manage a business or other commercial property? Do you wish you had another layer of security to keep your workplace safe? You can take advantage of our commercial gate services to tighten up your business’s security. We can install your commercial gates and even include an access control system so that only those with authorized access can enter and leave the property.

Types Of Gate Repairs

After taking a look at four of the many kinds of gates we install and offer services for, let’s look closer at just a few of our many different gate repair services.

Gate Opener Repair

If you have automatic electric gates, you’ll probably find yourself dealing with potential issues with your gate opener. Your gate opener might need repairs if it’s operating slower than usual, opens and closes on its own, or has any other problem you aren’t able to fix on your own.

Gate Track Repair

Gate tracks, not unlike garage door tracks, help keep your gate aligned during operation. If your gate is ever severely out of alignment, any of our technicians will be able to set it back to its previous position.

Gate Sagging

If your gate seems to be leaning to one side or the other, it means it’s sagging. Gate sagging can happen when your gate hinges or latches are out of place, or the gate material is warped and aging. Your gate sagging will be gone when you seek help from our Prime Garage Door Repair technicians.