Understanding how garage door tracks work will allow you to recognize garage door track problems more easily. With this recognition, you will be able to make it easier for the garage door technician to solve whatever problems your garage door is dealing with at any given moment. Garage door tracks keep the rollers in place and ensure that the garage door remains in position while in motion. Without this vital part, your garage door would clumsily move and barely be helpful, let alone safe.

Solving 5 Garage Door Track Problems In Houston

Learning how garage door technicians solve garage door track problems in Houston will give you the knowledge you need to better care for your garage door in the future. Here are just a few ways to go about solving five of these problems:

1. Misaligned And/Or Damaged Tracks

Misaligned and/or damaged garage door tracks can be addressed in a couple of ways. Aside from a professional realignment, a technician can use a claw hammer to return the tracks to their appropriate shape. The tracks must be replaced if putting them back in shape isn’t viable.

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2. Dirty Tracks

Dirty garage door tracks can lead to a garage door that makes noise during operation, slow movement, or even a garage door that doesn’t even move an inch. When this happens, it’s a good idea to clean the tracks. Dirt and other debris can interfere with your garage door’s functionality if they’re allowed to build up on their own. With a ladder, gloves, a brush, a vacuum, a rag, regular soap, and water, you should be able to make your tracks squeaky clean once again.

3. Lopsided Garage Door

Does your garage door appear lopsided every time it moves? Do you feel like one side of your garage door is about to slip out of the tracks any time it moves? If the answer is yes to either question, you are probably dealing with garage door track problems related to misalignment or loose hardware. Tightening the hardware securing your garage door tracks is one solution, but if the lopsidedness is still an issue, a garage door technician is the best person to call to realign your garage door tracks.

4. Gaps Between Rollers

Another indication of misaligned garage door tracks is the presence of gaps between the garage door rollers. The moment you notice those gaps, call a garage door technician to check the state of your garage door tracks and reposition the rollers. Catching the gaps between the rollers will allow you to take action to set your garage door tracks right before any potential problems get worse.

5. Malfunctioning Springs And Cables

Malfunctioning garage door springs and cables are another likely source of garage door track problems. After all, the condition of these vital parts can have a direct impact on the tracks. Loose or fraying springs and cable wires can affect the ability of the tracks to keep the garage door in position. That’s why inspecting your springs and cables is essential to ensuring not only the functionality of your tracks but also your entire garage door.

Prime Garage Door Repair Is Here To Take Care Of Your Garage Door Track Problems!

We hope that learning about these five garage door track problems will allow you to determine how to go about solving them. Specifically, whether they just need a simple cleaning or require extensive professional repair services. In terms of figuring out whether or not you need to call a garage door technician to solve your garage door track problems, leave any task that you aren’t entirely confident doing yourself in the hands of our experts at Prime Garage Door Repair. Contact us for the best track repair services in Houston.