Without a smooth, well-functioning garage door, you’re home would be vulnerable to intruders in your absence, and if you leave your car in the garage, you would have difficulty getting your day started. Unfortunately, sometimes problems will arise despite your best efforts, so it’s always a good idea to know how to handle them. While the thought of having to call a garage door technician is not ideal, there are some DIY tips for common garage door problems and repairs in Houston you can try yourself before calling for extra help.

DIY Tips for Common Garage Door Problems And Repairs in Houston

In order to be prepared for unexpected issues, you will have the chance to read about the various DIY tips for common garage door problems and repairs in Houston. Here are just five of the most common problems that can be troubleshot with DIY tips:

1. Garage Door Fails To Open And Close Properly

A garage door that fails to open and close properly is one of the most common problems garage door owners encounter. However, this operational failure can have a wide range of root causes, some of which can be resolved with some DIY troubleshooting. You first want to clean and realign the photo eyes of the garage door safety sensors. Start by getting a rag to remove any dust and debris in the lenses, then check that the photo eyes themselves are aligned. The light on these sensors will usually be green once they are properly lined up.

If the safety sensors don’t appear to be the root cause, see if there’s any dirt or debris stuck in the tracks that you can easily remove or if the rollers need some lubrication. Assuming the tracks and rollers aren’t the problem, you will then need to see if the limit switch needs adjusting or if the remote or keypad needs reprogramming. If none of these tips make a difference, call a professional for assistance right away.

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2. Garage Door Will Not Open Or Close At All

What’s more frustrating than a garage door that isn’t operating the way it should? A garage door that won’t even open or close at all. If your garage door remains closed, you might have no way to access your vehicle; if stuck open, your home security is compromised. The DIY tips for these common garage door problems are to double-check the state of the power source or to change the batteries of the opener. Hopefully, these quick fixes will allow you to return to your normal routine.

3. Garage Door Moves Slowly

A garage door that moves slowly isn’t just annoying; it can also be a sign that your garage door parts need extra care and attention. More specifically, the parts that allow your garage door to move as needed. All you need to do is lubricate parts like your springs, rollers, hinges, and bearing plates, and if that doesn’t make a difference, reach out to a garage door technician to get to the bottom of the issue.

4. Garage Door Makes Unusual Noises

The last DIY tips for common garage door problems and repairs in Houston you will learn about today will address unusual noises your garage door produces. The two types of garage door noises you can address with some DIY tips are squeaking and rattling. A squeaky garage door is one that hasn’t been properly lubricated, so you just need to lubricate your garage door’s moving parts with silicone spray. On the other hand, a rattling garage door has loose hardware, so you’ll need to take time to ensure all the nuts and bolts are nice and tight.

When DIY Won’t Do, Call Prime Garage Door Repair!

We hope these DIY tips for common garage door problems and repairs in Houston will be useful the next time you find yourself dealing with a stubborn garage door. That said, we know that DIY troubleshooting isn’t always going to provide a satisfying solution to common garage door problems and repairs in Houston, so having a reliable technician to call is essential. Luckily, all you need to do is reach out to our Prime Garage Door Repair team for the best solutions to your garage door problems. Contact us today, and we will return your garage door to working condition in no time.